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It's gonna be funsies!

CGHub got wrecked. I need new outlets. DA  and my blog are still my hub central, but it doesn't serve quuuiiite all the needs I have.

So... time to try some alternatives.

I'm on Twitter now(goddamit fuck me)...

And ArtStation...

And Behance lol...

Which one shall rise and become the new victor?! Not sure which one I want to invest in yet. There's also Tumblr, but I don't know if I drew enough Frozen fanart to fit in there. Not a big fan on DrawCrowd yet. We'll see with time. Which feed is most convenient for you? Not sure how art feed on Twitter works, I'm pretty new to it. Either way, thanks for the follows!
At 8pm Pacific tonight!

Streamin' with a purpose. 5 minutes!
Streamin again! 5 mins.
Woot! Come on in, water's fine.
I'll be walkin' around the floor at ECCC this year, since I'm in Seattle already. Hit up my friend's booths Claire Hummel :iconshoomlah: Vince Aparo (who doesn't update his DA, booo) Eliot Min :iconniw:, buy their dope-ass swaaaaag!

If I'm not on the floor I'll probably be at Eliot and Vince's booth, I cannot guarantee my sobriety. Here's the floor map for their booth on Vince's Tumblrrrr

Aaaaw yeshhhhhh.

Streaming 5:00 am (pacific)! Early Riser Stream! Painting Dune stuff.
Late night painting!
I put up a different one to ask about what people would like to see me livestream instead, that seems to make more sense.

Before I made a poll trying to determine what I should paint more, and I listed a bunch of options covering the subject matter that I often illustrate. That was a silly move, since many of you replied with saying that you follow me for my style, which is very revealing and weird/flattering to hear. I appreciate it that you guys think I have any unique style at all, because I never really think that's a strong point of mine. Honestly, the way I view my own work is that my style is very inconsistent since I enjoy trying a range of techniques and never really felt I was good at one in particular. A jack of all trades, if you will. When I compare how I work on Dune stuff as opposed to, say, my Amalur stuff or pinup ladies, it's like switching gears for me, and I fear people won't recognize that it's the same artist. I don't really know myself what ties them together stylistically or if they even are.
On one hand it's good to have a flexible range of styles, but on the other it's hard to be associated with one particular, marketable way of working. I guess for me it's fun to do everything. Some people will like me for my range, others will be annoyed. C'est la vie.

For whatever your reasons are, Thank you very much for keeping track of my work. I also didn't realize there were still people from my Elfwood days watching me grow up! That's a long time (15+years)! I appreciate it.
at 5:20 pm Pacific, 8:20 Eastern! Going to be doing some pinup ladies.
These peeps need plugs because they deserve it and they got stuff goin' on. Talented humans:

David Kaye, artist extraordinaire. He's totally open for commissions right now!

My friend Eliot, showing at Emerald City Comic-con this year!

ncoming Infinite Crisis work coming in once I get it dressed up and pretty.


in 10 minutes (6:30 Pacific, 9:30 Eastern time)! Prepare for rainbows.
...Yup. My sentiments about it summed up on this shirt:…

So ya, now that I'm a bit more settled, have my computer set up, have internet, finally got a new wacom pen, and have a steady schedule, I can start livestreaming again. My next one will be at 8pm Pacific Time (since I'm on the west coast now!) on March 3rd (Monday). Wish I could do it earlier but I do need to work during the day. :/ If you could join it would be super-swell. Is there a less obtrusive way to update people of my livestream events instead of making a Journal Entry for the announcement? Do people use Shoutbox at all? I don't have a Twitter account yet. Hnnnggh. Ah well, until i figure that out I'll just use Journal Entries to update.

I also post when I'm gonna stream on my facebook page:

Long time no update, friends. Sorry, the last few months have been hectic.

I've left the east coast and moved to Seattle to work at Motiga Games, an independent game company making a new game. I can't say much about it but I'm pretty excited to be working with such a talented team. I've been out of commission for the past couple of months mainly because I haven't had a chance to sit down and relax, I'm still unpacking boxes! I'll update again as soon as I can.


Since I'm totally unemployed while I wait to move, I was able to squeeze a couple hours in between finishing contract work and packing to do some painting! Yeey! Come earlier if you want to help my configure my audio, lul. My music playing never seems to work the same way every time.

Come on dooooown, ask me about art, life, or personal questions that intrude on my privacy and I will answer with UNFORGIVING HONESTY. Maybe.

gonna stream in about 5 minutes for a lil' bit.