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These peeps need plugs because they deserve it and they got stuff goin' on. Talented humans:

David Kaye, artist extraordinaire. He's totally open for commissions right now!

My friend Eliot, showing at Emerald City Comic-con this year!

ncoming Infinite Crisis work coming in once I get it dressed up and pretty.


in 10 minutes (6:30 Pacific, 9:30 Eastern time)! Prepare for rainbows.
...Yup. My sentiments about it summed up on this shirt:…

So ya, now that I'm a bit more settled, have my computer set up, have internet, finally got a new wacom pen, and have a steady schedule, I can start livestreaming again. My next one will be at 8pm Pacific Time (since I'm on the west coast now!) on March 3rd (Monday). Wish I could do it earlier but I do need to work during the day. :/ If you could join it would be super-swell. Is there a less obtrusive way to update people of my livestream events instead of making a Journal Entry for the announcement? Do people use Shoutbox at all? I don't have a Twitter account yet. Hnnnggh. Ah well, until i figure that out I'll just use Journal Entries to update.

I also post when I'm gonna stream on my facebook page:

Long time no update, friends. Sorry, the last few months have been hectic.

I've left the east coast and moved to Seattle to work at Motiga Games, an independent game company making a new game. I can't say much about it but I'm pretty excited to be working with such a talented team. I've been out of commission for the past couple of months mainly because I haven't had a chance to sit down and relax, I'm still unpacking boxes! I'll update again as soon as I can.


Since I'm totally unemployed while I wait to move, I was able to squeeze a couple hours in between finishing contract work and packing to do some painting! Yeey! Come earlier if you want to help my configure my audio, lul. My music playing never seems to work the same way every time.

Come on dooooown, ask me about art, life, or personal questions that intrude on my privacy and I will answer with UNFORGIVING HONESTY. Maybe.

gonna stream in about 5 minutes for a lil' bit.
Heya! I'm a part of this anatomy.... thing!

It's a big Kickstarter campaign. you can help by visiting the site and spreading the project around if you like and want this book to become true. 

and here's the kickstarter! get in while you can!…

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Alright, I think I got a handle on this live stream thing... and I need your help!

I will be livestreaming at 8pm Eastern Time tonight for at least an hour. Since this is the first time I'm trying to do this officially, and since this is really just to entertain you guys, I'd like to ask you:

-What do you want to get out of a livestream?
-Do you prefer music or talking?
-How long and how often do you watch livestreams?
-What would you prefer I paint?

and lastly, if you have any questions you'd like for me to answer during a livestream you can ask here. This way even if you miss it and watch it later I can still answer it.

I'll also set up a separate poll so there will always be a way to ask a question or give me suggestions. I will post when I'm livestreaming here, or on my facebook page:

Thanks a ton!
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Gonna fumble in real time as I try to get livestream going. Come join if you'd like to see me flounder in person!
Plunkett wrote an article on my for Kotaku! Super honored.…

Also I posted some new artwork in case you missed it.

I'm super behind on stuff I need to do for people so I've been writing less, but I'll get back on the horse and update what's been goin' on with my projects!
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Been slammed a bit lately, working on the release of Turbine's project Infinite Crisis!

This is a MOBA style game set in the DC Multiverse. If you're not familiar with the DC Multiverse, basically there are multiple universes that run their course parallel to each other within DC which allows them to continue the same characters along different story line paths, and sometimes these paths cross and shit gets 'effed up. I didn't know about this stuff either since I only really read Batman graphic novels, but now I know a LOT. I've read many more DC comics in order to catch up on the characters- yes, even the New 52 stuff. It reminded me of preparing for work on LOTRO, where over the course of three years I became a Middle Earth expert.

So ya, now you know what I've been working on. I've mostly done concept art, of which there is a LOT because of all the Multiverse variants, and then all their skins... as well as some of the splash art for random stuff, including a few wallpapers (Which you can see here....… Although my buddy and contractor Phong Nguyen did Green Lantern, Gaslight Batman and Gaslight Joker). I'll post some versions that are less cropped and covered in black soot when I can.
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Back from winter vacay. I didn't paint but I doodled a lot, so I'll probably be posting those on my blog shortly ( I went a little stir-crazy, so now I got a few ideas for concepts and illustrations... mostly Dune-related. OBSESSED MUCH?

Also, I'm older since my birthday is on December 31st. I'm 28. Yughhhh;lskjfl;sdfkjnfuck. Running out of time, every damn day. Soon I won't be able to dance as my knees atrophy, and I'll be stuck at the computer like that gross thing in the first Blade movie, except a lot skinnier.

Check out my poll, I'm curious to know what gender you guys are, if I couldn't get creepier. Call it market research, I suppose. I'd be happy if the numbers were relatively even, I like to think that my renditions of dragons and girls in their underpants can appeal to everyone. what's interesting is that women beat men in followers on my Facebook page ( by a small margin, but I'm going to chalk that one up to the fact that there are also statistically slightly more women than men on Facebook. I honestly don't know what the statistics of DA genders are, anyone have the numbers? I'll probably do another poll for age.

EDIT (1/4/2013) : Oh looky what the fuck I found:…

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So this happened:

Ya, I dunno. It was like 2 am on a Tuesday, and I made this shit thinking it would be another way to promote my work, and then immediately regretted it. I mean, why would you need two feeds of the same work? But then very soon after I got a big wave of people visiting, and I hesitated taking it down. Then I was like, "Well nobody visits my blog work and this has already seen way more traffic, maybe I'll just combine my blog and my DA here." And I thought that might work as an outlet. Also, people were +friending me just to get a feed of what I was doing on facebook anyway, so now they can just go here instead. So basically this is for people that don't blog but follow Facebook more regularly.  Good idea?

I've heard things about Facebook pages becoming defunct or not working like they should because of how the advertising/notification system works, Could anyone who uses pages tell me more about that and how the traffic system is?

Either way, if you have a moment, +like or share my page. I would appreciate it.
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Hello y'all.

As you can see I've been pretty active with the art dumps lately. Well, get your geriatric diapers strapped on and prepare to enjoy the chalky taste of Exlax, 'cuz there's gonna be a fuckton more DUMPS coming. This is stuff that I'm either A)finishing after sitting on these paintings for months or B) old 38 Studios stuff, of which there is a lot of. If you're interested in seeing some of the steps involved with my painting The Escort, I've got stuff on my blog.

CLICKHERRERMERGHERD>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I must say, working on BHG/38 Studios stuff helped to push my artistic muscles and gave me a chance to really do some illustrative stuff for a change rather than concept. Even though the whole thing might of collapsed horribly I do not regret my decision to work with those fine people whatsoever. I learned a lot from them and made good friends. Plus, I know someone at like, every game studio now which is pretty cool, and the project I'm working on right now at Turbine is a nerd's wet dream.

More dumps on the way, as well as my original stuff. In the meantime you can also check out other fellow 38 Studios artists who are dumping!

::iconminohkim:: Minoh, One of our 3-D artists and concept artists, he just started DA again so all of his stuff his brand new! Check him out.
::iconnicholaskole:: Another 3-D artist slash concept artist hybrid Nick!
::iconarkadius:: More copernicus 3-D assets from Eddie!

When you visit them say hi for me ;D
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I'm back from the dead! Here's some necro monsters in progress to celebrate:

I will posting a bunch of crap soon enough, tons of sketches, 38 Studios crap that never got published, personal work even. Check out my blog in the meantime.

Oh. And for the record, ~RealLurial WINS A CONCEPT! Yeyyy! Also guess what? DIS SHIT IS FREE

Ya, after a while I felt like charging for a commission that I'm choosing could be interpreted as an asshole thing to do, so I'm just gonna do it for NO subscription. So double surprise for her. Trust me, I read ALL of your posts and followed ALL of your links and it was tough! I really like a lot of your characters guys. I picked hers because it was the most interesting story that I could draw images from at this moment, I like my character designs to be story driven. Although she has drawings of them, this was not really a factor. Here is her story:

Hnnnnnnng. I'm so poor, but I can't pass up this opportunityyyy.

[link] <-- Here are some craptastic sketches I made of the characters Kyu-Hwan and Jae-Hwa. I have no preference for which of the two you make, even if they look completely different from what's in my derp sketches. You're also free to reinterpret and redesign them however you like and can have one of them wearing anything, doing anything, eating anything... you get the idea. I love your work and I'm 99% positive I'll squee and love whatever you make, so you can't really go wrong.

The story behind them has changed since I posted these sketches up, (and I dropped the last letter in Kyu's name ) However, the idea is that they live in what's basically a magical, fantasy version of old-timey Korea. The 5 Generals at the top of the fantasy nation's military are divided according to the 5 elements of Chinese Elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Metal. One prerequisite for becoming a General (aside from being a total badass), is that you have to be born in the elemental year of the position you are about to be given.

Kyu-Hwan is the youngest (in his late twenties, early thirties) and most recently promoted General who fills in the previously vacant 'Earth' position. (He was born in the year of the Earth Tiger). He and the other generals are are betrayed by the fifth general (born the year of the Metal Snake), who lures them into a meeting and manages to kill 3 of them while gravely wounding Kyu who just barely managed to evade the lethal strike. The betrayer blinds Kyu-Hwan to prevent him from being able to evade a second time, but Kyu manages to escape and flees the Palace. He's framed with the murder of the three dead generals and knows he can't return to protect the Empress, restoring his honour, until he regains his sight.

While trying to restore his vision, he encounters Jae-Hwa, a female courtesan with the ability to literally allow others see through her eyes. She's exploited for this ability by a powerful and sprawling underground criminal syndicate who uses her abilities spy upon their enemies, examine the layout of buildings, keep the government of the city weak and under their control, etc. She was naturally born cripple, but mages of the crime syndicate have inscribed runes upon her legs that allow her to walk. Unfortunately, because the mages can 'turn off' the power fueling her legs, they have an easy way of preventing her from escaping.

Jae strikes a deal with Kyu, she will let him see through her eyes, enabling him to fight and travel more easily to his destination - if he will protect her and help her escape the syndicate. He agrees and the two go off on a journey with her as the eyes, and he as the 'legs'. Jae has a very spunky, witty, sometimes sarcastic personality while Kyu is a more serious, prideful person, at least in the beginning.

Thanks for participating everyone!

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Christ on a Cracker, I'm finally done.

Well, almost.

Here I am sitting on the futon in my empty apartment. This has been a crazy fucking couple of months, lemme tell you. Turbine offered to take me back! No, I won't be working on LOTRO again, but I will be working on a new IP. Can't say which but Turbine is owned by Warner Brothers entertainment... so... you can go ahead and guess. Won't tell ya though! It's a game that's very unusual for Turbine, I'll just leave it at that.

Once I get my computer again- which will be in about a month, since I need to sublet until I get my actual apartment- I can start catching up on all the work I was supposed to be doing for those contests/contributors etc etc.

In the meantime, you can take a look at my blog for sketches (since I have a scanner now) at

Thanks bros. And brodettes. This has been a rough time for me and I appreciate the support that you've been giving me, I read everything that you guys write!

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... Is because I am officially unemployed and have been looking for a job.

I was recently laid off along with about 400 other people a few weeks ago, although this shit storm had been brewing for quite some time.

Here's one of many articles on the matter:…

As a person on the inside, I'm pretty over the whole ordeal at this point. both the higher-ups at 38 Studios and Rhode Island fucked up really bad. it has affected some people far worse than me, I will probably be fine. The only issue is that I haven't been unemployed for quite some time and I need to act like it now. I just wanted to give a head's up since I started a contest right before I fell off the face of the earth, and this is why it happened. I apologize for my lack of promptness.

I will still continue working on the contest, although all entrees before the end of that time period can't be considered, sorry.

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I'll get to that in a second.

First in news, I got a scanner finally after being a professional for 6 years... So I've posted new stuff on my blog and will continue to do so with scans from my sketchbooks. This is probably the first art done with physical media in years that I've published, so take a look!

This is my blog if you don't know it:

So unfortunately there was some confusion as to the experiment I wanted to conduct a couple months ago, which was to paint an original character in exchange for a 12 month subscription. I was going to choose the character that was most interesting to me and do that one, but someone accidentally paid for me immediately thinking that whoever paid first would get the commission.

To be fair, I'm going to draw this person a character for paying because it can't be refunded. That doesn't apply to anyone else, so don't think you can just be all willy-nilly paying for my subscription and I'm gonna draw something for you >:E

However, to ALSO be fair to everyone else I'm going to choose another one to do in exchange for a 12 month membership... That way I won't have to pay for another 2 years! :D

So here is how it goes: DON'T PAY JUST YET. Submit original characters linked to this journal entry in the comments section. Next month I'll pick one based on my interest, and that Deviant gets to pay me 30 dollars for a commission. Lol. I know this sounds pretentious, but 30 bucks is a bargain compared to my normal rate for artwork! I really do a better job when I'm excited about what I'm working on, so really this is to make sure that I deliver quality work to you. Don't be insulted if I don't pick yours, it doesn't mean your character is any less original or interesting; this will be based on my mood and taste at the time, so a lot of it is luck! Also, don't bother submitting unless you plan on paying 30 dollars, cuz you'll be paying upfront. ;P I'll finish it within a month at the most after payment.

You can already have past image reference for your character, or an interesting description with suffice. add links and such, whatever you need to make a case. You can use drawings done by yourself, or past interpretations done by other people as reference. I don't mind reinterpreting characters based on written description as well. I'm most interested in the concept of the character than how well it's been executed by other people.

EDIT 3/5/12: I should also mention that I am approaching this more from a concept art/pin-up point of view, not a full-blown illustration. Any background work will be minimal,  or none at all if not necessary. I'm limiting this for time restraints.

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