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I collaborated on an ImagineFX cover with Vinod Rams for a highlight on Gigantic's characters! Mostly I just painted the red guy in the foreground, Tyto. He painted Voden and Knossos in the background and then we brought them together. Educational experience! Vinod also did a character design article inside for one of our other characters, Imani. Check it oooouuuut, it's pretty cooooooooooooool


Right here, December issue:…
Holy crap, more like.

I am completely exhausted from PAX Prime, but it was totally awesome. GIGANTIC had pretty great reception, which was really cool to see. Our qeue got more and more full every day, we even had repeat teams of 5 coming to play together! I had a lot of fun coaching, but I was essentially yelling for several hours a day. Between that and all the gross nerd-juice flying around, I'm just gonna pray I don't get sick.

I also met a lot of cool people, new and old! It was also very humbling to meet fans of my work in the wild, I'm always surprised by it, so thanks guys!

I also did a panel on character art! As usual I'm a lil nervous on stage but I think I pulled through. Check it out on twitch:…

I'm gonna go die on a bed now. Good NIGHT.
If you're attending PAX Prime, you should totally find me! I'll be hanging out at the Gigantic booth probably, and you'll definitely find me at the Panel I'll be a part of Friday about the art of Gigantic.

Here are some shameless plug links:……

Sooo ya, come find me, play the game, see the new stuff, throw peanuts at me, whatever fickles your tancy.
Aw yesssh, our game has been announced folks! I'm super excited to be working on this project with a great team. Please check it out and share! We're still indy so we need all the spread we can get.

Gigantic development art coming soon!
Help out fellow Deviant :iconkatmachiavelli: and give gim a commish!

Also check out my friend :iconniw:'s society6 Store, some damn good products here.
I did a podcast with :iconavikishundat:! Please excuse my muffling microphone, my audio equipment is terrible... -_-…

We talked about a bunch of stuff, from dinosaurs, concept art, design, movies, my thought process on art in general. If you're interested in what life is like as a concept artist, then stay a while and listen. Fun interview! Thanks for the opportunity Avi.

I also contributed to this review on the new Adobe Ink & Slide. You can read the article about it, but  my general opinion is that for a professional illustrator it's a bit of a novelty. Seems more like a gimmick geared towards industrial designers and architects who still like to draw.…

Also I've made a bit of headway into the Tumblr experience. You guys were right, it's not as terrible as I thought it would be! The only difference is I can't always look at the tumblrs of people watching me... There is some weird shit out there. The environment of Tumblr is similar to DeviantArt, but also you can post anything. ANYthing. Either way it's been fun to watch the feed of tumblrs I follow, although I wish people communicated a little more on it. The Tumblrs I like the most are ones where they match my tastes and just post everything I like, that's pretty cool. Also, tons of artists.Woot. If you're following me on Tumblr already, thanks a lot for any favorites or reblogs!

Tumblr Account

I did a podcast with :iconavikishundat:! Please excuse my muffling microphone, my audio equipment is terrible... -_-…

We talked about a bunch of stuff, from dinosaurs, concept art, design, movies, my thought process on art in general.

The last segment is about me and pin-up art, drawing women, and what that means for me as an artist. I wasn't particularly articulate but I think I was being honest about why I do it. I've had time to mull over it and talk with other artists, because I think it's an interesting impulse that people have to make pin-up art. For me it starts as a simple endeavor; I'm a horny, heterosexual male, and I find women aesthetically pleasing and incredibly hard to draw. I'm not going to pretend that isn't part of it. Is that the reason why I make pin-up art? I don't think so, because those are universal truths that everyone knows and is familiar with. There's plenty of horny males that don't draw pin-up art, and everyone knows pretty girls are hard to draw. I don't think that's enough of a reason for why I have such an interest in drawing female characters.

I'd like to talk about the sexual aspect. The major argument against pin-up art is that it objectifies the subject (not just women, but usually) and turns them into something designed for sex no matter how it's done, so it is a shallow effort to ever make it; at most it's cheesecake. There is another side that says pin-up art "empowers the subject," but the counter argument is that it's only in a way that caters to the audience that is attracted to it, so it's still pandering. According to this line of thinking, even if a heterosexual female artist is drawing idealized female characters, they are on some level still pandering to the expectations of a patriarchial society. It's just a way to put an object on a pedestal too high for you to reach and say "you can't have it."

This sounds like objectifying, so I should feel bad about it, right? But I just don't feel that way when I do it, and I'm sure there are others that agree, and it's hard to articulate why. Sure, there are definitely some people that make art that is explicitly for the purposes of sex, but I don't feel like that's something I would even be interested in making. Let's be real though, there is always a sexual aspect to pin-up art, I think by definition. There is aesthetic beauty to the female form, but pin-up art goes beyond that and confronts the viewer with a positive angle on sex. I guess the contention is, if an image has sexual context is it objectifying the subject?

This is where I disagree, I suppose. I think sex is something runs very deep into all of our behaviors and actions. It's a reason why we live, it brings excitement and joy and connection with other people. It doesn't have to be this shallow, terrible thing that we suppress so we don't get distracted from more "elevated goals." I think by suppressing these urges and feelings it can only fester into poison, which becomes a spawning ground for jealousy, fear and hate. Rape culture, LGBT hate, gender laws, these are all things I feel are a product of this exact bullshit. If we embrace sexuality as an inherent part of our lives and treat it as something to be celebrated and welcomed, it disarms the poison and lets people be honest and free. There's a lot of people that might say the same crap to get laid, but you really have to believe it or you will will have your head up your own ass. /Soapbox.

Sooo... obviously this is not the driving force behind my pen. I'm not trying to make a statement with pin-up art, it's not that cerebral of a process. It is celebratory, pretty fluff, but for me the drive doesn't come from wanting to put something unattainable on a pedestal. What I feel it comes from is some drive to connect with a character that is accessible, free, sure of themselves and are confident with their self image. In a weird way, all the girls I'm drawing are a reflection of what I want out of myself and other people. I just want everyone to be free and sexy and confident together, or at least talk about it. Connection, not separation!

This is just a part of me forever probably, so I am trying to enlighten myself to my own thought process for better or for worse. This is very stream of consciousness what I'm writing and I might be contradicting myself in some way, but I guess this is how I feel about the subject in an honest matter. Tell me what your opinion on pin-up art is, why you love it, why you hate it, feel free to disagree with me and share your views! If you just like butts, that's okay too.
I've made some japes about Tumblr, but in all honesty I've had an account since last year and just never took it seriously. I think I got scared cuz I didn't know what sort of environment it was, like a housecat in a jungle. Now I'm more like.... uh... an Ocelot, so I'm not quite the biggest predator but at least I can survive. Are you following my analogy? Great. I barely am myself.

I still have a lot to learn about how circulation works but I'm going to start taking it more seriously. There is a bunch of stuff I have no idea about yet, like how people have conversations or social interactions on it, that eludes me beyond personal responses to private messages. There are some tricks I'm learning for instance, it seems some people keep two blogs- one for their own work, and another for reblogging. That seems like a LOT to maintain, so I don't know if I'm ready for two accounts yet. If you're on Tumblr, here I am! I appreciate any reblogs and likes you give to me, it would be a great charity. I don't plan on reblogging other posts yet until I figure out how to do it the best way. Also, any advise is greatly appreciated as to my layout, taste of blogs, etc. Thank yooouuuu!, 6 o clock pacific/9 eastern pm.

It's gonna be funsies!

CGHub got wrecked. I need new outlets. DA  and my blog are still my hub central, but it doesn't serve quuuiiite all the needs I have.

So... time to try some alternatives.

I'm on Twitter now(goddamit fuck me)...

And ArtStation...

And Behance lol...

Which one shall rise and become the new victor?! Not sure which one I want to invest in yet. There's also Tumblr, but I don't know if I drew enough Frozen fanart to fit in there. Not a big fan on DrawCrowd yet. We'll see with time. Which feed is most convenient for you? Not sure how art feed on Twitter works, I'm pretty new to it. Either way, thanks for the follows!
At 8pm Pacific tonight!

Streamin' with a purpose. 5 minutes!
Streamin again! 5 mins.
Woot! Come on in, water's fine.
I'll be walkin' around the floor at ECCC this year, since I'm in Seattle already. Hit up my friend's booths Claire Hummel :iconshoomlah: Vince Aparo (who doesn't update his DA, booo) Eliot Min :iconniw:, buy their dope-ass swaaaaag!

If I'm not on the floor I'll probably be at Eliot and Vince's booth, I cannot guarantee my sobriety. Here's the floor map for their booth on Vince's Tumblrrrr

Aaaaw yeshhhhhh.

Streaming 5:00 am (pacific)! Early Riser Stream! Painting Dune stuff.
Late night painting!
I put up a different one to ask about what people would like to see me livestream instead, that seems to make more sense.

Before I made a poll trying to determine what I should paint more, and I listed a bunch of options covering the subject matter that I often illustrate. That was a silly move, since many of you replied with saying that you follow me for my style, which is very revealing and weird/flattering to hear. I appreciate it that you guys think I have any unique style at all, because I never really think that's a strong point of mine. Honestly, the way I view my own work is that my style is very inconsistent since I enjoy trying a range of techniques and never really felt I was good at one in particular. A jack of all trades, if you will. When I compare how I work on Dune stuff as opposed to, say, my Amalur stuff or pinup ladies, it's like switching gears for me, and I fear people won't recognize that it's the same artist. I don't really know myself what ties them together stylistically or if they even are.
On one hand it's good to have a flexible range of styles, but on the other it's hard to be associated with one particular, marketable way of working. I guess for me it's fun to do everything. Some people will like me for my range, others will be annoyed. C'est la vie.

For whatever your reasons are, Thank you very much for keeping track of my work. I also didn't realize there were still people from my Elfwood days watching me grow up! That's a long time (15+years)! I appreciate it.
at 5:20 pm Pacific, 8:20 Eastern! Going to be doing some pinup ladies.