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Whoever wins... I lose

Wed Dec 26, 2007, 3:23 PM

I went to see AVPR...

I am thoroughly convinced that my favorite franchise(s) is dead. HOWever, I liked it better than the last one; simply because it didn't have some limp-dick concern for the humans in the movie and cut straight to Yuatja-on-Xenomorph ass-kicking. Hell, no one was spared in that movie... Pretty, old, children, infantile, black, white, pregnant... everyone got pwned rather indiscriminantly. I'll say it over and over and over again, though; they NEED to base it on the original Dark Horse comic, cuz that actually has, like, a good story and strong characters.

Soul-stabbing aside it has inspired me to do fan art for AVP which I will finish shortly. So sue me, I am still a rabid fanboy.

I loaded up two new images, more comin' soon!

P.S., happy holidays!
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Busy Boy

Mon Nov 5, 2007, 9:16 PM
I am taking too long...

OK, so Book 11 went live for LOTRO: SoA, which is the first big publication of my concepts! Yeyzorz! That means I can show you guys some of the work I've been doing!

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  • Drinking: A&W... DAMN this is good.
Hey guys, update.

The month 1 prop for Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar was released recently, IE the patch I did some concept work for, which means I can post stuff without violating NDA, yey! So now I can share with you what I do for a living.

I have learned that being a concept artist is not all fun and games painting awesome monsters all day- although thats part of it- and that you really do have to know more than just how to paint well and being a good designer to be good at this job. Fortunately there are a lot of bright people here that help me out.

The stuff I've posted was actually done while I was a temporary texture artist, they didn't hire me full-time as a concept artist until about a month ago. I can't wait to show you what I'm doing more recently.
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  • Eating: A lot of club sandwhiches lately..
  • Drinking: Strawberry Sunkist, my new favorite elixir.
Alright, so I've been away for a while.

I have been hired as a full-time concept artist for Lord of the Rings: Online, and since there is only one other concept artist working here, needless to say it's been kinda hectic with launch and all and other projects. Don't worry, I'm not about to go and tell you to go buy it- although it IS very good- I just wanna make sure any future monsters that go in look cool.

I have art, I just don't really have access to it because my computer is down (I am moving to a new location). I need to update my website for business reasons anyway, giving me ulterior motives to update, so you are guaranteed to see something new in the next month, really.

oh and by the way, Starcraft 2? Hell ya, anyone? I can't tell you how much impact the first game had on my life. I hope I survive the second.
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Went to the BT/Thomas Dolby Show!

Thomas Dolby is still awesome but I was expecting that, because he's the OG of electronica. . BT was funny, since the lead guy's opening line was "if you came here for snares and kicks, the door's that way..." but otherwise thier new sound is not my cup of tea. I actually like snares and kicks, you see.

I didn't meet many deviants, but I did have the pleasure of meeting :icondanimation2001: and :iconandrewk: at the show, two very talented artists might I add. As a forethought I think it would have been a good idea to wear our DA buddy icons as pins so that we could recognize each other as deviants. Good idea, right?

Work coming soon I promise.
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  • Drinking: C to the O to the double F double E.
My work will be shown at the New York City show of BT and Thomas Dolby! Woot! Get there before the opening to see my work and 29 other deviants show their stuff on a huge projection screen. Eh, I don't think I get money for this but honestly I don't care as long as credit is supplied somewhere. Free exposure in NYC is a big deal! More info at:…?

It's bizarre, cuz BT composed one of my gateway-songs into electronica. It will be cool to see their recent stuff.

So ya, come. I'm going for sure, and oddly enough my family wants to go... embarrassing. It would be nice to meet some people from DA!

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I am employed! Woot.

I am currently working as a temporary texture/concept artist at Turbine Games, working on Lord of the Rings Online.

Anyway, the reason why I haven't submitted anything in months is because of this job- not because I don't want to, but because I don't have access to my own computer since I've moved to Boston. Once I get my computer down from New York I can paint my own stuff again. In fact, I already have several things that I left in NY that were half finished and just need completion.

Prepare thyselves...
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  • Drinking: coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
... And Unemployed. It's okay, I'll find something. Hopefully. Who'da thought a business of Nerdery would be so cutthroat? Aren't we more civilized then that? Then again, those MMORPGs are rather competitive....

Swing those paying commissions this a-way if u are interested. Yeah right.

By the way, I'm gonna swing over to Post Mortem in Boston and see if I can crash that. Anyone else going?
How do I feel about the new DA look?  Hmmm... I guess it's like when a relative you don't know very well buys you an article of clothing that you normally would never buy on your own, but then end up wearing it anyway because it's there and people say it's a refreshing change from your normal sense of fashion, and then you thank them and take credit for having such good taste.

My personal website is itching for an update... BE PREPARED...
Sorry I haven't updated in a while... That would be for a few reasons:

A) Tragic family incident
B) Graduating
C) Lost artwork that I've done and apparently didn't back up

But now I'm back on track.

New art soon, I promise... and some other stuff on my website that I won't be putting on DA, like tutorials and stuff.
wow,  Tourists got a DD... that came out of no where! I didn't even know I had it until today... Thank you ~Lady-Jonia and ^Aeires for choosing one of my pieces, I don't know what to say! Conveniently, I just put my website up too so this will boost traffic for the day for sure. I really appreciate all of your favs or comments, if you have any questions I am sure to respond with some kind of answer...
Aw yeah kids, WEBSITE IS UP! Word son? Hit dat shit up!

Alright alright, so A) I'm not the most revolutionary web designer and B) It's not very complete, but at least it's a home away from home now. Online portfolio, here I come! I have to upload a lot more by wednesday because i have a portfolio review and I want to show people my website, so keep watching it until wednesday.

Could you all do me a favor and just keep going back and forth on your links to increase my web traffic? I don't even show up on google yet.... :(

Oh and by the way, new artwork coming... It'll be posted soon or after May 3rd.

Thanks guys!
I'm finally making my own webpage where you can see art and stuff! Can anyone recommend a good internet provider?

The New Year

Tue Jan 10, 2006, 4:35 PM
Sweet Crockery!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I will once I can organize myself. I've been very distracted because of break but now school is starting up again.

I turned 21 over vacation, and considering that my birthday is on New Year's Eve (Dec31), I think it's needless to say much drinking was involved to the point where I feel stupider... Stupider, more stupid, stupidiferer... w/e.

I'll get to work on publishing some stuff for DA prints very soon and start putting more work up.

Peace ninjas,

-Devon Cady-Lee
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Lemme restate that...

Tue Oct 11, 2005, 11:45 PM
What I meant to say in the last post is that I cannot afford the resources nor the time to run a fulltime occupation as an illustrator because I am in college, so I need to have an alternative trickle income to make money so I can get nice and fat on foods that I buy with money (which is hard for me to do, seeing as I've weighed 130 pounds since I was 17). This is solved by the DeviantArt print account i just purchased!

So... what I need from you guys is print requests, assuming you want one.

On a related note, do I have to give them a seperate file size for each print size or are they smart enough to resize it if I just give them a huge dpi image? If they DO need seperate files then tell me the range of sizes you want cuz I need to figure that out too.

Thank you thank you thank you! Please fuel the raging wake of my powerful metabolism!

Peace ninjas,

-Devon Cady-Lee
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  • Watching: March of the Penguins- that was fuckall depressing
Hey guys, I made a printing account because I am getting poorer. Which pictures do you think you guys would want prints of? Give me the heads up.
I'm back.

Sorry, I kinda of a... haven't been producing viewable work. However, it has come to my attention that my senior year has started, so I might have to begin producing stuff for school again.


What a month, what a month. Sorry I haven't been posting, caught up in work. God, I have so much crap to put up and so little time. The classes I'm taking this year are: Figure painting, Anatomy for Drawing, and The Comic Book Narrative. Expect to see work from the latter two, not so much the painting because I couldn't paint my way out of a wet paper bag.

I just saw Snake in Eagle's Shadow, a 1978 Jackie Chan comedy/kungfu film. I wanted to have Jackie's babies after seeing it because it was AWESOME. I thought I should share with fellow kungfu-film enthusiasts.

Ich Nein Berliner!

Blitzkrieg Ubermengsch
:iconcococonutshake: :iconsarahjane62: :iconsweed84:
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Another year begins. I turned 20 on the 31st of December. I can no longer impress people with how young I am, nor can I drink legally. Yippy.

I'm taking a Chinese Painting course (go fig?) so some of that might show up. I also need to post all the crap I did last year, I'll get to that.

Some crazy muthafuckas from RI
:iconcococonutshake: :iconsarahjane62: :iconsweed84:

My sister posted pictures from our Thanksgiving in upstate NY. They're pretty good, mostly because I'm in a few.
Okay, I'm done. I slept for about 14 hours thursday night, which felt awesome. I mean, I still got a shitload to do but its all downhill now. I'll start posting shit soon. yey!

Risd Apostles
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The lost Scion