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Okay, I'm done. I slept for about 14 hours thursday night, which felt awesome. I mean, I still got a shitload to do but its all downhill now. I'll start posting shit soon. yey!

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I don't know what the fuck is going on any more.

Around this time of year my nerves get all shot to fuck from caffeine and sleep depravity, in lieu with delerium and "Monster Energy"/"Bawls"/"Grenadia"/"Red Bull" Drink binges, etc.

I know its for the better, and I know the pain is only there to remind me that I am, in fact, still alive... I've only done this 4 times at this school... but sometimes I just can help but feel like I'm earning a bachelors degree in BATSHITCRAZYLOCO. And what the fuck is up with liberal art teachers? They think I go to this school to learn about things? No, I'm sorry, this is a fucking tradeschool- a step up from conditioner repair only because there isn't a Leo Da Vinci of central air, okay? I make things with my HANDS from MUD and STICKS.

Mud being a euphemism for my computer... sticks being a analogy for my wacom tablet pen. Okay, so it ain't that bad, I'm just tired. C'mon guys, you know I don't start to use this space as a soapbox until shit really hits the fan 6 am on a tuesday, right? Coo'.

Alright, I'll stop procrastinating. I can't post anything until I finish EVERYTHING due, so shut the fuck off for a bit and come back to me when I give a damn.

P.S. I'm sorry, that was mean. I'll regret this when I awake. Please come back and look at pretty work? Please? I can only offer in return wooden nickels and ceramic condoms... OMGWTFLOLROFLMAOKTHNX?!!!

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring RISD Banana Phone!
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N' my sister can supposedly work a camera, so go find out about that at--


P.P.S. I apologize.
Gonna start scanning my ink and scratchboard stuff soon. It will be an entertaining romp through my failures, so stay tuned.

RISD Conglomerate:
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Oh yeah, and my sister is going through her "tween girl photography phase," so check out her stuff while she's still into it:

I'm back in college. The classes I'm taking are 3-Dimensional Kinetic Anatomy (don't expect to see any artwork from that, it's a sculpture course), Digital Imaging (expect to see a LOT of that) and Pen, Ink and Scratchboard Technique (Which I've been meaning to get into since forever and ever). Stuff will come shortly, just you wait and see!

Fellow RISD Acolytes:

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I've returned to college, so I'll get a crack on pumping out the art. This should be fun.

RISD Love Affairs:

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Done with summer. It was mostly just okay, but towards the end it started to rock. I hate it when that shit happens.

I posted an image to prove I exist, although it's 4 or 5 months old. Listen, I have other stuff but I need RISD's scanners, okay?  So slow your roll like 5 o'clock traffic.


RISD Illustration Partners in Crime:

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Done with summer. It was mostly just okay, but towards the end it started to rock. I hate it when that shit happens.

I posted an image to prove I exist, although it's 4 or 5 months old. Listen, I have other stuff but I need RISD's scanners, okay?  So slow your roll like 5 o'clock traffic.


RISD Illustration Partners in Crime:

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Sorry, Summer distracted me. I submitted something to prove I exist, although it's about 4 or 5 months old now. I did this piece before the Little Red Oni Slayer one actually, but I thought I was going to edit it and failed myself in the end. I have other work, it's just that... Well, I don't have access to an awesome scanner now that I'm at home.

Summer was okay. Actually, it's only been really awesome towards the end, which sucks because now I have to go back to college. God dammit, I hate it when that shit happens. I tried to keep myself busy with art-related stuff like working at an art camp with kids and doing illustrations for my interior-designer uncle. In the process I made some cool stuff, so I might just show it. I didn't draw that much personal stuff anyway, but you're gonna have to wait until I go back to RISD to see it because I'm so technologically dependent on them.

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Finished sophomore year. Had some laughs, had some kicks. I was able to do a lot more things that I could invest interest in easier, so it went by smoothly. Not to say it wasn't a fuckload of work, of course... I can't remember many a school night where I got more than 5 hours sleep. The bonus, however, is that I have a funkload of artwork to post on DA, a lot of which is school work! You get to see what I was graded on, isn't that exciting?

The flood begins...

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Expect a flood of art soon... 'cause after I touch everything up for final review by my teachers that art is going straight to DA. I swear, it's coming, it's COMING!!!!! Seriously. Within like, a week or two. Ya know, there aren't many schools whose homework you actually enjoy enough to share it with friends, but art school is definitely one of those places.


RISD Illustration major compadres:

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And breathe! I felt like I dropped off the face of planet DA for a month. My bad, school put me into over-time. More school work will be posted soon... I'm pretty happy with them, although they won't make much sense unless you understand what the assignment for them was.

Hmmm... what else... Oh shit, I posted my art trade with :iconancestors:! Yep, once in a blue moon I do an art trade without warning. Go check out his gallery, because he did my character Rose Cadina.

RISD Illustration Goodfellas:

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I'd like to take this time to promote my fellow RISD illustration majors and college friends who have websites here at DA.

cococonutshake <-- Michelle Ho

sweed84 <-- Steve Weed

VISIT THEM, they are cool.
I'd like to take this time to promote my fellow RISD illustration majors and college friends who have websites here at DA.

:cococonutshake: <-- Michelle Ho

:sweed84: <-- Steve Weed

VISIT THEM, they are cool.
It is absolutely imparative that I recite the most recent anecdote of my adventures, for surely it is the most surreal moment of my entire waking life. Don't mind if my writing is sloppy, I've been exposed to a number of substances far too great of a sum for me to count.

It started at a party in my college town of Providence, RI. We were about to leave but my friend John had broken a bottle and volunteered to clean it up. We left shortly after and returned to his car, but John was really pissed. The day before he had his car's radio faceplate stolen (thieves had broken into his car, leaving a pair of plyers and some sort of drilling wedge as evidence of the caper), his rear-right tire had blown, and now the broken bottle was triggering his rage (also note that John gets mad rather easily). John fell into an alchohol enduced, greatly pent-up fit, in which he yelled and cursed and broke things. We decided to leave him alone for a few minutes while he let out some steam, staying on the curb while he walked over to his car and leaned against it. After a while, the most horrible thing that could possibly happen happened: a police car slowly started driving down our street, and slowly pulled up to us. The police man asked if we knew the guy leaning on his car, and answered yes. Then he asked us where he lived. After that, the cop decided to back up and pulls over to where John is. At this point, we're kind of paranoid, thinking either A) The cop was here about a complaint from the party, B) suspected the cop thought John was planning on jacking the car, which was his own, thereby making the second run-in with the authority John has had in 2 days, or C) got a complaint about John, and suspected we were all taking illegal substances- which we WERE- and was going to bust us. We hear him cross-reference with John about where he lived, and continued to question him out of earshot. My friend Brendan walked over to John, but me and my other friend Jesse thought it would have been dangerous if John were in trouble and was answering the cop's questions with lies, and then would have said something that countered what he said. They kept talking for about a good five minutes however, until we hear John say something about "illustration." Now, John is is an illustration major at RISD with me, so I knew what they were conversing about. Incredibly confused, Jesse and I joined John and Brendan by John's car. Apparently, the cop was talking about becoming a student at RISD, and wanted to become an architect. We talked with the cop for a good half an hour about being at RISD, about the teachers there, the meaning of what art is, how to recognize talent, and general philosophies about life itself and the future of art as an institution. At first I thought he was cross-examining us, but after a while it just seemed like the guy genuinely just wanted to talk. "There are three things in life you have to know," he explained, in his thick hispanic accent, "Be true to yourself, never let money control your destiny, and be sure to recognize true talent when you see it." After that we shook his hand, and were promised that if we saw a building with the name "F. Garcia" on the side that we would know who built it. And then he left us. John had been completely sobered up, and drove us home.

What the FUCK just happened? It took me a while to wrap my head around what had just taken place. The general interaction with cops in New York City would be as follows-- They would ask for your ID, say they will take you down to the precinct for examination, and after resistance would break out their standard-issue 9mm barettas and pistolwhip you until you lose the ability to walk before kicking you into the back of their squad car. Actually trading words with a policeman wouldn't last about 5 minutes before they either arrested you or fined you, let alone talk for half an hour about art theory. Truly, we will always remember that man and that conversation. I will never make pig jokes about Providence cops ever again.
Happy Chinese New Year! It's going on all this week. It started Thursday, but uh, I didn't get a chance to write.  For the record, I'm half-chinese, half-white... That's the kind of fact you learn about someone and then go, "Oh... hm..."

I'll be rakin' in the Hung Bows all week when I get home to New York, when I'll hopefully be able to make the Lion Dance parade (also for the record, I live in Chinatown) so I can participate in it.
This was a "feh" year. I've had better, but I've had much worse, so I'm not going to complain. I'll just note the highlights:

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King - To date, probably the most extraordinary phenomena in cinema since Casa Blanca. No joke. LOTR is a) the most successful cinematic interpretation of a novel(s), b)the first series of films that were shot in a single ordeal in order to maintain seamless consistency, c) is on par or better than any epic I've ever seen, d) the best blend of high-end CGI with live action I've witnessed thusfar and should be a benchmark for all such future endeavors, e) come to think of it should be a benchmark for about a dozen other things I don't need to list. If it doesn't win Movie of the Year at the Oscars just because it's got wizards and dragons in it, I'm gonna be pissed and there WILL be a riot.

2) I'm in my major at college, Illustration. Although to be honest that pales in comparison to the above, especially considering that if I ever go into cinema as a concept artist I'll be subconsciously contending against said item for the rest of my life.

3)I had my birthday, New Year's and Christmas to celebrate over winter vacation, which was fun. Not as much fun, I can assure you, as Peter Jackson swimming in the pool of money he has in his courtyard. The likeliness that such a plump, hairy, short-sighted man was the manifest of a cornicopia of unparalleled cinematic beauty is beyond me.

4)I got an X-Box. Yey. Now can play Soul Calibur 2 without bumming off my friends. However, the majority of my gaming time was preoccopied with LOTR: RotK, which I beat. How the hell did they get an interview with Ian McKellen about video games? He's a fucking Shakespearean actor, knighted by the Queen of England. He has more money stuck under his fingernail than that game will ever produce. Yet, here he is in the bonus features, talking about how much Gandalf owns with his "charge Y, XXXX combo attack." Seeing such greatness talking about video games is either a very very good thing, or a very very bad thing.

And now for the bad stuff:

A) The Matrix movies. Wachowski Brothers.... What the fuck just happened? You think you can just take a collective shit, jam it into a movie reel and play it in front of paying customers and think they wouldn't notice? The first one was so good, you were on a roll! I know, I know.... you tried, I'm sure. But, the truth is, I wasn't wearing shit-tainted sunglasses to the movie theatres on those fateful days... I know what I saw, and... they chugged chode, for lack of a better expression. I'll be waiting for my 20 dollars.

b)hm.... nope, that's about the worst thing I can think of. I'm gonna get seriously flamed for that, aren't I?
Okay, Here's an interesting question: Is there such a thing as digital painting?

It's a long-lasting argument that a friend and I have been having for quite some time. I argue that the process of painting requires the inclusion of hand and tool, a medium that can be mixed to create different hues, and represented compositionally on a flat surface (with the possible exception of reliefs, but that borders on sculpture).

When I do my work, I'm using a wacom tablet,  and use an electronic pen. I use Adobe Photoshop, which allows me to mix colors by placing one ontop of the other with the brush tool to create  a different hue. Lastly, it's pretty obvious that a monitor displays a flat image, and Adobe Photoshop doesn't operate in terms of 3-D rendering. So, these all fit into my understanding of painting. I feel like when I'm making artwork on the computer, it feels a lot like I am in the process of painting, which would probably be most akin to gouache, airbrush and watercolor if I were using physical mediums.

She says that painting includes other elements; that it requires the physical hand-to-surface interaction, and the physical act of mixing pigments. Also, an oil, fresco or other tactile painting has a quality that digital work can never have, which is the interaction of the painting with its environment. IE, A painting displayed in a room with a set lighting surrounded by other paintings will have a different impression than a painting found in an attic, or just different lighting and different paintings around it.... or no paintings. Also, part of the experience of viewing a painting is being able to study it from up close, far away, side to side, acknowledging the tacticity of how the painting was done.

What's interesting is that I have to agree with the last point, to some degree; a picture of a painting doesn't have the same impact of seeing the physical painting. What I find interesting is that the physical manifestation of a digital piece- a high-resolution print out, for example- doesn't have the same impact as the original artwork on the computer screen it was done on. So, although seeing a picture of a physical painting on the internet doesn't have the impact of seeing it in person on a wall, seeing a picture of a digital work on the internet is actually closer to the original work than seeing its physical manifestation. However, does that mean that a painting needs to be a physical object, or that seeing an original digital painting just means seeing it displayed in an electronic format (computer monitor)?

Thoughts anyone?

Or am I just overthinking this? I think the issue is very important, because what I believe are digital paintings are becoming increasingly popular at increasing speed... the speed of technological growth that is. As we create new mediums, so artists develop new tastes and new styles, which ultimately decides the future of the art scene. Relevant, yes? No?
Wow, I didn't know anyone was going to actually RESPOND to my last journal entry, at least not that many! I can't tell you how good it feels to know that I'm not alone in this situation, thank you so much for your comments. I was really ticked at the time I wrote it from thinking on the subject for too long, so it was a bit more hostile than I would want now. I wasn't being fair- the teacher for that class is actually a very cool guy and I learned a lot from him, and I didn't mean anything against the other students. I understand now from your comments that this isn't really anyone's fault, just the times. Time will change everything, I hope.

I should take this time to also thank all the people that visit me, especially the ones that regularly comment. You all comment differently and notice different things, so it's interesting to hear what you have to say. Mind you that I read every single one, thanks to the DeviantArt Notes system. I wish I could be more active on DeviantArt than these monthly visits but it's hard with all the work I have.

I have a lot of artwork to show, since I'm in my major now(illustration) and I'm allowed to do assignments that are keener to my interests, thereby DeviantWorthy. However, the process to get those pieces onto my computer is gonna take some time, considering a lot of them are graphite drawings and -gasp- oil paintings. What? Oil paintings?! I can oil paint?!!! No, not yet... but I can show you my failures. Won't that be fun, guys?

Thanks again, you guys are awesome!

I recently had an art critique at my school, where I had to bring in the personal work I've done over the summer. To be frank, it's always weird- almost embarrassing, in fact- to show them that I'm a fantasy/science fiction artist. I mean, here I am, drawing chicks with big guns and dragons, when everyone else is experimenting with impressionistic portraiture, or playing with line tension in photography, or trying to portray anger as a color or whatever. It makes me feel belittled, even though I know I shouldn't be.  I think the main reason why my genre is looked down upon so much is because people feel it's not contributing to the art world; that it's repetitive, overdone, and not looking into anything "deeply" enough. During the critique, people were only discussing the subjects of the picture... Not the art itself, or how it was executed, or the colors I used, or the way I portrayed space. Just things like, "wow, that gun is pretty big. You like drawing women, don't you?" and that really fucking pissed me off. I feel as if they tolerate scifi/fantasy work simply so they can compare their own work to ours, so they can feel more important.

3 Things: One, our line of work is one of the OLDEST GENRES OF ART EVER MADE. There were fucking rennaissance painters, nay, cavemen doing this shit long before Picassos and Matisses started showing up, so maybe they can have an ounce more respect for a field of art based in tradition. scifi/fantasy not part of a fucking shallow stepping stone to "higher" art, it's your ROOTS. Second, just because it is steeped in tradition doesn't mean it can't change. Sure, it is based on a system of realism, but these realities are all shown in different ways. I've seen scifi/fantasy art that touches on areas like futurism, impressionism and other types, styles that make realities work even though they shouldn't by any means. There are many artists that do convincing work without having to use photographic realism. Do you know how mind-numbingly complex it is to make a 200 foot robot look convincingly part of a reality? Do you know how much knowledge and creativity it takes? The reason why so much focus is put on the subject of scifi/fantasy pieces rather then the technique used to execute the picture, is because the technique is so flawless that people look past it. They understand the reality SO SEAMLESSLY that they don't understand it as art- they understand it as another world. And yet, it isn't real at all. Our ability to manifest reality is our specialty- How we manifest these realities is what makes us individually unique.

Second, just because it's not based on anything real doesn't mean it can't deal with real issues. Like photography works with the "been there" experience, scifi/fantasy works with the "are there" experience. The impact of being in an imaginary scene where something unspeakably awesome and moving is happening hits you like you are a spectator watching it happen. The problem with some people looking at a scifi/fantasy piece is that they won't allow themselves to be put in this reality, even though they are already doing so involuntarily. This is probably out of fear of being lost in an alternate reality that they can't get out of, and that dettaching themselves for a little while will do permanent damage to their psyche and harm their touch with reality, or something else equally retarded.

My art was also digital, so it also pissed me off that they kept saying things like "computers can do so much these days, they can make wonderful things," like I had just scanned the picture and Photoshop magically did everything else for me. I fucking HATE that! It's as if no one can respect computer art as an artistic medium. Little do these people know that the computer will dominate the art market within the next decade, if that. But, that's another story.

Sorry about my soap box, I'll calm down now...
'Been a while since I've posted anything, but then again it's been awhile since I've actually drawn. Art college broke my drawing hand, figuratively speaking, and I haven't had the strength to exert creative energy in a month. I'm recovering now, and accepting commission jobs to pay for my extensive entertainment prerequisites. They're tedious and boring, like drawing farms and shit, so I'm trying to procrastinate on these assignments for as long as possible while I try to put out a short comic of my own(which I need to do before I have to return to school). I'll try to post that up here as soon as possible.

Thanks for the comments and critiques as always, I really appreciate them!



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